Should I throw a party for my daughter's first birthday?

Kristel - posted on 07/13/2010 ( 56 moms have responded )




People are telling me I need to throw a party for my daughter's first birthday. My husband and I don't even remember ours and think the money would be better spent to her education, or to her next birthday party she would remember. My question is are we just being cheap and what is the real reason for putting out all this money into a child's first birthday?

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Laurel - posted on 07/14/2010




I had a gathering at the house for both of my children's first birthdays. If birthdays are important to you (they are in my family), then do a small thing. Get the dollar bag of balloons, blow them up by mouth and let her go. I cooked spaghetti and had a cake. It was an excuse to have everyone over and it was really cheap (apx. $40-50).

My bff and mother of my godson took a different route and had his a this park w/ rides and stuff. She ended up paying so much money for the rides since it wouldn't be fair if some guests didn't get to go. Then there was the food that she had to cook and pay for which was not simple. She regreted not listening to me.

K.I.S. Is my motto. They will never remember it but it's nice to have the pictures for the scrap books and we had a good time watching tv and hanging out. I repeat those simple parties every year b/c they won't remember until they are four or five and they still won't care. Cake, gifts, hot dogs, friends & family: that's all kids really need.

Tamara - posted on 07/14/2010




im not a big birthday party person put i did throw my daughter a 1st birthday and we just had a spit and salad and it was only close family and friends.

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First I don’t in no way think you all are being cheap, I think its smart to save and have a big bash later on when she can truly remember! But I also feel that the 1st birthday should be celebrated, even if it’s just a cupcake. My son is half Korean and in their culture the first birthday is one of the most Important because when a baby makes it to 1 healthy and happy, and full of life it is a joyous time!! Even though She won’t remember it, you can take pictures for her to look back on. In the end you should do whatever it is that works for you :-)

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The first birthday celebration is for the adults, not the kids. If you don't want to have one...don't. We had an afternoon tea just with immediate family. I baked a cake, my daughter had fun smooshing the cake and trying to eat the candles, we took some cute photos and that was it.

We did the same thing for her second birthday {but with more cake eating than smooshing} and we made it a family outing to a park.

We have no intention of throwing her an actual party until she reaches school.

Amy - posted on 07/13/2010




I think you should only because its u guys that will always remember her 1st birthday even if its just something little with the fam or close friends

Heather - posted on 07/13/2010




We had one. It wasn't much I got all the stuff for it at the dollar store. We bbq'd and had some friends and family over. She won't remember it but I will remember the smile one her face the whole day and that was so worth it.

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