Should I trust my ex's new partner?

Sarah - posted on 10/05/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My ex husbands new partner, I feel has an unhealthy interested in my daughters. He does not pay for his children and constantly ties CSA up in knots to avoid supporting them. I have never stopped him from seeing them but he only sees them as and when he chooses. The relationship has broken down between them so I have asked him to attend a contact centre with a mediator so they can re build a relationship. However his partner will ring the children on her own volition and tell them how their dad is a great man and would never hurt or upset them. She then goes on to say how much she "loves her girls" and how they can go and see her anytime they like. They have only met her a few times but am I right to worry about her intentions. Also is there anywhere I can go to get help with this?

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