should i wean my baby?

Stacey-Ann - posted on 06/16/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi god day to you all, I have a 8 months old baby boy who does not take bottle or cup i try but he reject it. All he take is breast, i am worried that he is not getting enough nutrient he needs to grow, at 7 months he weigh 22 pound. i need some advoice please on how to interduce the bottle to him, and which famula i can give him? his tommy is very sensitive, if i have soy or milk it affect him, please can someone help me? thank you all.


Amy - posted on 06/16/2012




He sounds like he's a healthy weight! At this age is when weight gain starts to slow because they become more mobile, and they can become distracted during feedings. Breastmilk and formula are their primary nutrition until they are 1, so unless you want to switch to formula keep doing what your doing. Also at 8 months old if he hasn't been a bottle yet I wouldn't even bother introducing it because it's something that you usually try to take away at 1. Just keep offering him a sippy cup of water throughout the day, in between his feeds. You could also try using a cup and straw, it'll be messy but he may prefer it.

Unless you really want to wean I wouldn't but if you want to wean start dropping one feeding at a time and offering formula in it's place. Only drop one feeding every 2-3 days so your body adjusts.


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Elfrieda - posted on 06/16/2012




My son didn't weigh 22 lbs until he was 8 months, and he was a chubby baby! It sounds like your baby is a nice healthy weight.

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