should i wear wired bras while im pregnant? if not why?

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should i wear wired bras while im pregnant? if not why?


Bobbie - posted on 10/03/2012




Here's the thing, a good bra will give your boobs the added support so as not to pull downward with the weight. I have to say that I am large and so away wore a wire support bra. I was told by a very smart woman to wear it while I slept while my breasts were so heavy. I have breast fed two children, am a size D and now at 53 my breasts are just beginning to point south :)

I also began wearing them to sleep in all the time when I realized how much better they make me look in my pjs. I don't find them uncomfortable at all.

Be sure to wear the right size. Measure across your chest at your full breast. Write that number down. Now measure under your breast without expanding a breath. The difference between the two measurements gives you the cup size. This is important to know when you are buying breastfeeding bras. If there is 2 inch difference you are a B cup, 3 = C cup, 4 = D cup and 5= DD cup.

To your original breast measurement add 3 inches for the correct band size. So if you measure an odd number go up, not down. Like if you measure 34 and you add three inches, for a total of 37 then purchase a 38. This is why there are three hooks to adjust width on the closure. So if you purchase the 38 you can go to the second closure for a good fit.

Also, stay away from styles of bras with fit names like lift, wonderbra, padded and especially PUSH UP bras. These bras are constructed to be tighter under the armpits forcing the volume of your breast up at an unnatural angle. They are cut and contoured at top of the cup to increase tightness at shoulder creating the lift needed to push the breast up higher in the center to create that extra cleavage. They are uncomfortable, too tight at back, creating back and side over hang even when you buy the right size and the wire in these bras are the painful reason women think they can't wear underwire. There is a huge difference between shape and support wire and illusions creating push up wire.


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Liz - posted on 10/03/2012




I've heard somewhere that you shouldn't wear wired bras when nursing, although I'm not entirely sure why. Perhaps it increases risk for infection?? Anyway, I wore wired bras through all 4 of my pregnancies and never had any sort of discomfort or problem.

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It's whatever feels comfortable for you. I hadn't worn one since I was about 15 weeks along, but I just bought a new wire nursing bra and wore it today at almost 35 weeks. It was pretty comfortable until I ate too much for dinner. I guess my stomach is turning into a 3rd boob, lol.

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You should definitely wear a good supporting bra while your pregnant. Wires or not is up to your preference.

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