Should I work or be a stay at home mom?

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I have a 17 month old son and am a full time student in college graduating in May of this year with a BBA in Accounting. I had a part time job as an accounting assistant when my son was 8 months old. I only worked there for 3 months because if was too much stress for me, being a full time mother, and student and employee. Also it was very hard to leave my son. I do not have any family close to me as they are in another country so I would leave him in a daycare. Now that I am almost done with my education I was thinking of going back to work, but I do not know yet.

I do not have to work because my husband can support as financially but I really want to because I love it! Also, I have spent so many years in college and think about my career, I don't want to abandon it because I worked so hard for it;and if I wait until my son starts school, I worry that no one will hire me since it will be a long time out of the work force.

If I don't work, then what could I do in the meantime to not lose my skills and not have to start all over again?

Its such a hard decision to make because I also love being a stay at home mother.

Any advice?

Thank you in Advance!


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I don't think you will lose your skills taking a year off from work. Why not do it so many months at a time and then reask yourself if you want to work yet once you reach the end of the chosen amount of time? Child care costs here are horrid so I have to stay home even though I just finished school myself. If you love being stay at home mom then take the time to do it. You won't get this option forever and being stay at home mom to a school aged kid is a lot different than a toddler. I love being there for my daughter's firsts right now.

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