should my child repeat kindergarten?

Carolina - posted on 07/01/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi, My son is 5 and he will turn 6 in september. He missed the cut off date by 9 days so we did the early entrance because he was ready and his prek teachers told us tha t he was ready to start. I am now at the end of kindergarten. He had a good year. His teacher told us that he is 100% ready to first grade and that he did great academically and socially in kindergarten. The problems we have is that he doesn't like to be 5 when everybody is 6, and he is actually telling everybody that he is 6. Also, he says now that he doesn't want to start first grade because he can't read. The problem is that he compares to his best friend who is very advance in reading so he thinks he can't ready. I also noticed that he wasn't invited to many playdates or birth parties and I was wondering if because of being younger is harder for him to make friends. I don't know what to do. I wish I waited to start kindergarten but also I read so much about how good it is to be the youngest in the class and being challenged instead of being the oldest one and being bored. I really wish his birthday wasn't right in the cut off date but this is what is. Please help me with your advices. I really want to feel comfortable with a decision because I can't stop think about it. He is my only child and I want him to be very happy in school. thanks!

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