Should my just turned 4 year old boy'/girl twins be taking a shower together? I put them in the shower with the hand held shower instead of a bath. It's faster and easier. But they like to go in together. Is it appropriate or are they too old for this? Any response appreciated.


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Amy - posted on 04/12/2012




My 6 year old son bathes with his 2 year old sister tonight was the first time it was a problem for them because they were fighting over toys and who crossed the line in the tub. I don't see a problem with it till they express that it's a problem.

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I think it's appropriate until one (or both) of them expresses the desire to shower alone. My 4 year old still occasionally showers with me so I really don't see an issue with siblings that young showering together. I use the handheld shower for my son also. You have twins! Whatever makes your life easier Momma!

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