Should My Son Be Talking Already?

Heather - posted on 12/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My Son Was Born 10 Weeks Early, He Is Now A Year Old But He Still Isn't Talking.. Should I Be Worried?? He's Not Even Saying Small Stuff Like (Baba,Or Bye-Bye) When He's Wanting Something He Either Just Does A Hand Movement Like Give Me Or He Yells... Please Give Me Your Opinion, Some Of My Friends Think He Needs To See A Speech Therapist But They Also Don't Know What It's Like With The Milestones And Such With Preemie's


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Michelle - posted on 12/06/2012




Boys are usually slower but you can always help by repeating the correct words for everything. The more you talk the more they will. If he points to what he wants, hold it and ask "would you like a _______?" If he nods then say: "Yes, you can have a ________"

Make sure you are always reacting to his grunts, points, or hand movements with words. The only way he will learn is by copying you.

Jacinta - posted on 12/06/2012




To be honest this may sound old fashioned but in my opinion I wouldn't worry to much my boys only just started say small things like daddy,nana (for banana) bye bye and mimi (there paci) when they were just over 1 and they weren't premature I wouldn't take him to a speech therapist just yet.

All baby's are different and are ready for different things at different stages.My boys are two now and talk quite a lot intact all the optima almost lol but see they didn't say nothing this time last year.If your really worried than maybe see a speech therapist or even a doctor to see if he thinks you person needs it,I personally do not.

Maybe just focus on one word for say two weeks something simple like daddy or tree and see if that sure he will talk when he is ready.Also if he has a pacifier and he has it in his mouth a lot that could play a huge part in why he isn't talking,when they have that in there mouth and are sucking it they just don't bother about talking they won't take it out of there mouth and talk they will just squeal or wave there hands around if they want what you have.

They still do talk just not as much.

I believe he is fine and will talk in good due time remember that if he was born on his right due date her would only be about 10 months (maybe a little more I don't know his exact age just that he is around 1)

Good luck :) I'm sure he will be repeatedly saying mommy mommy mommy when he wants somethng in no time! Lol

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