Should respect be given, or earned?


Jodi - posted on 06/19/2011




I think it is actually bit of both. I believe we should always be respectful of others, unless they show they deserve otherwise. So in a way, it isn't the respect that is earned. It is disrespect that is deserved? But even then, disrespectful behaviour from my children will result in some form of discipline, but I won't treat them disrespectfully for it.

And I believe we must MAINTAIN the respect of our children. It isn't an entitlement. It is an ongoing, lifelong endeavour. I don't respect my mum because she has paid her dues. I respect my mum because she continues to be a wonderful mother, a wonderful person, and my total rock.

It's really a bit of a chicken and egg question, isn't it? Thought provoking.....


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Shannintipton - posted on 06/18/2011




Should be given to elders in general (not always) and earned by the youngsters. If once it has been broken, needs to be earned back again.

Does that even make sense? Either way, that is what I thinks. Tough question.

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