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How many Times should give my 1 year old baby girl shower


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It's okay for babies to go to in the shower. Lots of parents take their baby in the shower with them.

Some use a mess sling if they're worried about the baby being slippery and difficult to hold on to, we just had one parent act as a spotter. I would pass the baby in to dad, put the soap on the baby for dad, he'd rinse the baby, and then pass the baby back out to me.

Similarly, there's no reason you can't put the baby in a bath seat and use a hand shower if that works for you. I've known parents who did that too.

As for frequency, as often as necessary. If baby's skin is drying you're washing too often. Some people bath daily, some bath weekly. We didn't really have schedule. In the summer when babies were hot and sweaty they got lots of baths. If there was a super messy diaper that exploded everywhere baby would get a bath no matter when the last bath had been.

Ev - posted on 11/08/2014




A one year old does not shower. She should be getting a bath in a baby bathtub or in the sink with you holding her for support so she does not get hurt or try to climb out and get hurt. She does not need a bath everyday. It will dry her skin out. Every other day should be fine unless she has had a bad diaper or something. If you give a child this age too many baths, it will dry out the skin.

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