Showering with your kids

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I am the mother to a 9 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. My son I used to shower with when he was very little but stopped before he hit 1 year. My daughter and I, however, have been extremely close since she was born. I breastfeeding fed her for over a year because I had a hard time with the seperation, we spend a lot of time together, and have showered together her whole life. We've obviously taken separate showers and baths but showering together is still done on a regular basis. I don't force her, obviously if she wanted privacy or started to feel uncomfortable I'd give her space. But it's a natural thing for us at this point, mainly when getting ready to leave the house. My question isn't regarding if this is right or wrong, as I don't see anything wrong in it, but I am curious about public opinion on the matter, and if any other mothers have or would consider showering with their 8 year old (or even older) daughters? Thanks in advance.


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I quit showering w/ my girls when they were 4 because we moved from a place w/ only a huge shower into a place w/ a normal sized tub/shower... and there are two of them. lol

I showered frequently w/ my son til he was 5/6ish....

I would not shower w/ them now (girls are 14, son is 8) because I do not want to, but it's really a non issue to me if neither of you have any objection.

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