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I have a 3 year old who is increasingly jealous of his 1 year old sister. It seems that all day long he tries to push, squeeze, or hurt her in some way. He has recently become more defiant. It's very hard to have another of his friends over as he often pushes, does things they don't like and such and does not listen when corrected. Anyone has good advice or similar experiences? I'm losing my patience with him.


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Toddlers are tough at times. While he is learning to control himself, make sure you don't ever leave the baby alone with him. You don't want her to get hurt. Sibling jealousy is not uncommon. When he does hit or push, you need to get down to his level, hold his hands firmly and look him in the eyes and sternly say "no hitting!" If he does it again, you take him to the corner, step or spot and tell him, "you did not listen so now you must take time out for 3 minutes" walk away and set the timer.. When he gets up, and he will, wordlessly take him back and start the timer again. This may take you a few hours to complete, but I promise if you stick to your guns, he will learn that his negative behavior gives him no reward. When he stays put, for three minutes, you ask for an apology, then hugs and kisses and move on with your day. The key to success with time outs, is do not lose your cool, do not talk, yell or give him any attention. Just keep putting him back and set the timer. Praise gentle touches and positive behavior enthusiastically. He is probably feeling a little uncertain of his place in the family. He had all of your attention and now he shares it with his sister. When you have a few minutes alone with him, have him pick a book or just snuggle and talk with him. It will help him feel secure of your love.

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