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My daughter is 5-1/2 and my son is 3. When she has a friend over I always have a hard time trying to find a balance with how much my son is involved with their activities. I understand she needs her girl time, but my son gets so upset, he wants to be with her and do what she is doing! It's even tougher when she's with one of her friends are an only child.

How much should I push the "let your brother play with you". I try to distract him with other activities but it's hard since they share a room and when we are outside it's his toys too (swing set, slide, pool, etc).

I don't want my daughter growing up thinking he's the annoying little brother that she has to include all the time. She does need her alone time too.


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Could you have him bring a friend over, too? Or is that too many kids?


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I would invite a kid his age over too a lot of my friends have 2 kids the same ages as mine it's really good when we have playdates for that reason

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Yes it is hard. I wouldn't push it too much. She is entitled to her time with her friends without having to entertain her brother too. He needs to learn about giving others their own space to play and it is tough on you because you have to work a little bit harder to keep him busy but it is necessary so your girl can develop her friendships. Encourage them to play a game that all the kids can play and then when that game is over the girls can be free to play on their own and your boy can be encouraged to do something by himself.
I have the same issues with my two. My little boy is now 5 and it is becoming less of an issue as he learns to entertain himself, but my girl does let him play some games with her and her friends without me asking her to because I never pushed it too much when they were smaller.

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