sick baby won't sleep in crib.

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My son is 6 months old and has his first cold my husband and I are currently sick too making this that much harder and he is my first. He will fall asleep on me just fine like when he is healthy but the moment I lay him down he wakes up screaming. He has a stuffy nose but I wouldn't think that would bother him when I lay him down because he is fine when held. I really just don't know what to do I don't have a vaporizer, my Aunt said I could borrow hers but I haven't gotten it yet ( one car and my husband is using it right now).

I made some homemade saline solution and have been using that throughout the day. I just need a way to lay him down and for him to stay asleep.

I barely got any sleep last night because I was up and down all night. I am willing to do cry it out if no one has any better solutions I would just rather come up with something better if I can.

ETA when I hold him he is on his tummy and that's normally how he sleeps he just flips himself over should I try putting him down on his tummy?


Liz - posted on 10/03/2012




Try running some hot water from the shower to make the bathroom all steamy and take him in there for 15-20 mins or so until you can get that vaporizer. Suction out any mucous that you see in his nose (if you can). If he is used to sleeping on his tummy anyway, it is worth a shot to try putting him in his crib that way. I don't know if he is like my kids who would roll all over their crib at this age, but if he's not you could always roll up a couple of towels and put them UNDER his crib mattress to elevate one end.


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Thank you Liz I may try that today if he is still really stuffy. He went to bed last night with no problems, it may have been because he didn't really nap, I'm not complaining though it was great and he slept until 8 this morning.

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