sick, dr says it just a cold, but

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I just don't know what to do to make her feel better. I mean I am running the humidifier, giving her motrin for the fever, giving her fluids, giving her food, when she is hungry. But she is just crying, thought maybe she wants a nap but wont go down, and even if I hold her she just cries, any suggestions. She is usually such a happy girl, I hate seeing her like this!!!!


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It's heartbreaking seeing your child sick, and not knowing what to do to make it better. My son was very sick throughout his first year. I agree with checking for an ear infection. My son also did not show the classic signs of them and ended up having a few of them. I used to rub his back, or tummy, or leg,or bum in circular motions while laying on my lap, arms or chest. This usually calmed him down. I also would sleep wiht him upright when he was sick with sever colds, to help with his breathing and congestion. I also would run the shower in the bathroom and sit in the dark on the toilet to steam him and loosen up the congestion. The sounds of the shower also soothes them. Make sure it is not too hot for them though. If she is crying incessently and you cannot calm her down, I would suggest taking her back to the dr as something else might be going on. Good luck !

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I hope she feels better soon! Just a thought...keep the possibility of an ear infection in the back of your mind. If she has a lot of congestion, it could get trapped in her ear canal and get infected, thus more misery and pain. I don't know if you took her to actually see the doctor, but if she isn't getting better in a reasonable amount of time, maybe they would want to examine her to sort it out.

My son had numerous rounds of ear infections and didn't always show the classic signs (tugging at ear, for example)...but certainly, lots of crying, frequent waking through the night, fever...we knew something was up.

Best wishes!

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I found some great, helpful info on the Dr. Sears website last winter. It has become my site of reference for all childhood illness:

Have you tried taking her out for a walk? Often the stimulation helps them forget about their misery. Good luck!!!

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I'm sorry your baby is sick. When my little girl isn't feeling well I put her in a swing or something that rocks, if that don't calm her, we go for walks outside and the fresh air helps.

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I am so so so sorry your baby is sick... its one of the worst feelings in the WORLD isn't it?

Try putting a little Vick's Vaporub on YOUR chest and then hold her like you have been. Do you have a sling, or a carrier? It might save your sanity right now.

Wander around the house holding her and try to find something she hasn't experienced before..a kitchen cabinet full of plastic bowls... a trip out onto the porch... The change of scenery may help? When it's 2am and I am at my wits end, my husband will take the baby out and sit on the swing on the porch and the baby is always asleep in MINUTES. This drives me CRAAAAAZY!!!!!!! Why did it work for HIM and not ME?

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