Sick, tired and more questions then answers

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I am 20 years old, and my daughter is 9 months old. We recently moved and now she and I both are sick. she is teething, ( one tooth has already broke through a bit ) she is red cheeked, stuffied nosed , barely breathing ( because of her nose ) and eating so MUCH!!! I am breastfeeding and like i said I am sick too so I need help, i dont know what else to do. She gets baby infant Tyenal every few hours.. PLEASE HELP>>>>


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Have you been to the doctor? If you need antibiotics, you will get them there. OTC drugs only help to reduce the symptoms until your body can fight off the illness or until a virus runs it's course. If the illness is lingering for more than a couple of weeks, you will need antibiotics to help.

For the most part, you are doing all there is to do--keep her well fed, and take care of yourself. Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies, and make sure you are taking a vitamin. It will pass.

Shawnteria - posted on 01/29/2013




If your worried that shes sick because of you thats not the case shes teething so it causes things like that my 3 month old is teething and has similar symptoms but you should still take her to the doctor also its safe to breastfeed while sick it doesnt effect your baby. I read this from a magazine for breastfeeding moms that i received at my doctors office also i was just recently sick while breastfeeding and it caused no harm to my l/o.


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