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Hi mommies! Wonderful to read all your comments and subjects and be part of Cirle of Moms! Christmas is around the corner and I encourage you to bless yourself with the gift of using sign language with your baby. This can be used from as early as 6-month of age and imagine your baby being able to tell you he is hungry, has pain, wants his/her teddy etc etc from that age. Its amazing and I get more and more positive feedback from parents who are using this wonderful 'tool' of communication to encourage early communication. You can be anywhere in SA and purchase a Training Toolkit that you can use to teach yourself! Mail me at and I will send you a photo/more info on the toolkit which will teach your signs in categories from food, emotions, colour, shapes, toys to house items etc. Looking forward to hearing from you!! Be blessed!!

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When our oldest Grandaught lived with us and she was just walking we taught her a few simple signs. We were working at the time with the I H C and learning it ourselves. One day she was running down the hall towards the door and our cat went passed her and without stopping she signed cat it was so funny to watch she did learn other words as we were learning them. I don't think it hurts for them to learn another language be it signed or spoken

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Hi Monita,

When I was in high school, we had 3 deaf students in my year, and I made it my mission to learn how to communicate with them, it was so much fun to learn. Even before I heard about 'baby hands' or sign language for children, I had decided that my children will be taught sign language, because, of all the languages kids learn at school etc. I think that sign language is the most rewarding. Its an added bonus that they are able to learn it and use it earlier then they can talk, which was only something I learnt recently.

Anywayz, I just thought I would put my 2 bobs worth in LOL :-)

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