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Mariah - posted on 11/19/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay, I really need some opinions... My boyfriend and I have been together about three years..he has full custody of his 6 year old child.. We all have a great relationship. however, I wish to inquire about something...I go to school full time, so I can start my career in the spring. I am 23, he is 28 He went to school and currently works three days a week, but longer shifts as full time. A little over 40 hrs/week... When he went to school, I worked and he only did very minimal work or anything else..Now I'm in school, and he is working. 1.) I'm the one that is here when the child gets off the bus 3 days out of 5, and take care of the child until bedtime and he's still not home from work..We do homework, feed, and play together when we can, as a student honestly during playtime majority of the time I let him play while I do homework and study.. Then I have housework on top of that. I don't claim to be the best 'housewife' material but ill put it this way..the only time he ever helps is when HE WANTS to (which is a super cleaning job maybe once every two or three months). We've discussed it several times now and even agreed on a 'schedule' on who will do what on what day. We got to pick which day we wanted what...and the VERY NEXT DAY he stopped and did not even do the schedule..I even kept up with it for about two weeks maybe thinking he would try and catch up or TRY, but he didn't. On his days off, he doesn't lift a finger. I don't expect him to do much maybe just a some dishes? Am I asking too much? He has 4 days off and nothing else to do besides work...Like recently on his day off he watched tv all day and played some video games so I get home from school and do schoolwork and ask him if he's going to the store (normally we both go together) he said he can (like I said, this is rare- normally we both do) and I asked him about making grilled cheese but he said he wouldn't because he doesn't feel like Cooking anything. I think he's cooked maybe MAYBE 4 times in past two months. Like I said, I'm not perfect and I definitely understand that we have days where we don't want to do anything - I truly get that. But am I being unreasonable?? I think it's more of the lack of effort that bothers me. It takes ten mins to do things, and it can be discouraging to me- why should I continue to do all this if he's not going to put in any effort. I understand he DOES work and I don't but I still think he should do something around the work at school and then work at home on top of taking care of a child ( I have no problem with that) on top of housework, which I stop doing when he doesn't even try, and on top of it being like pulling teeth anytime I ask of anything... Insight please, please no rude comments you can be honest and helpful without being rude

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