Signs of Dyslexia can be spotted early.

Michelle - posted on 03/22/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was reading a post about a mom who is concerned about her daughter being a late walker and saw many people post about how late their child started walking. And they are correct in that there is no cause to worry. However if you have someone who is Dyslexic in your family than there are some signs in infancy that you can watch for. Babies who never really crawl but get around by scooting on their bottoms or pulling themselves around with their arms. Late walkers and babies who develop their fine motor skills late are also signs. Not to say that if your child has these signs that they are definitely Dyslexic but it is something to consider. As they get older, do they have trouble remembering their colors, learning the alphabet and do they use tricks to remember things? My daughter who is Dyslexic could not remember the color green until she developed a trick. When wanting to describe something she would ask if grass was green. We would say yes and then she would know whether or not she had the correct word for the color wanted to use for her description. A national study done showed that 20% of our population is Dyslexic which means 1 out of every 5 has some degree of Dyslexia. Early diagnoses can mean so much to a child's self esteem when it comes to learning to read. The child of a parent who has Dyslexia has a 50% chance of being Dyslexic. Knowledge means power so that is why I am passing this on. If it helps just one child avoid being labeled with a learning disability than it has helped enough. Adults and children with Dyslexia are some of the brights people you will ever meet. There are programs out there designed to specifically help children and adults with Dyslexia. The one we use is called the Barton Program for Reading and Spelling and we do it at home.

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