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my 4 mth old is getting really fussy the past few days and i just want to no some of the signs of teeting. i know drooling is a major one. this woman i no told me to look at her behind. she said that if there is a red mark by her anus then that means the baby is teething. i just dont understand how the bottom and the gums together play a roll in teething. if anyone has any pointers that would be great. also is a safe way to help prevent pain...???


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I would have to guess what she means by the red bottom is going to be the soft stool that seems to follow teething. It does irritate my boy's butt.
I have found TWO answers that seem logical for where the soft stool comes from during teething. One pediatrician told me it's because his immunity is lowered while teething, low grade fever can cause soft stool.
Another pediatrician (an older surgeon I REALLY trust) says that the rashy butt comes from the drooling. All the extra saliva and the enzymes in it can make poop acidic and cause the soft stool and rash.
My boy gets a really mild little bumpy rash on his cheeks (on his face) when he's teething. He will drool uncontrollably. He will chew on his fingers or a toy...and seem to get frustrated with it. If he starts whining and rubbing the toy real hard back and forth across his face, I take that to mean teething.
I have seen teething affect his appetite too. He doesn't eat as well when his teeth are bothering him.
I use a lot of Chamomile tea. Steep some strong tea and then freeze it in washcloths. Let him chew on the washcloths.
When he just totally melts down...I pour a little tea in a sippy cup and cuddle with him in our favorite chair. Chamomile tea has a calming effect...and when mixed appropriately with Mama's snuggles...seems to fix the problem.
My husband has a trick...if the baby is melting down and so am I...he will take the boy out on the back porch. We never hang out there, so it's all new to the baby. He always calms RIGHT down and starts looking around in awe at all the pretty trees, birds and the windchimes. Daddy says the trick is to find a NEW environment...change the scenery and take his mind off of his gums.

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Each child is different my sons just drooled all the time but my daughter just got niggley. My daughter however did not get her first teeth until she was a year old. Now at 2 she is cutting her molars with a sloppy nappy and a refusal to eat hard foods. If you think your baby is tething then busy some herbal teething crystals from the chemist we found them to be better than any medicated rubs and soothed her quicker.

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diarrhea. refusing feeds. ear infections/pulling on their ears. drooling. whingeing constantly for seemingly no reason. fevers. chewing on random things.

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Well first off, I think looking for a red mark by her anus is rather strange. /:) Yes, some babies have diarrhea when they're teething but, a red mark, I don't know.
So, moving on. Drooling, chewing, abnormal fussiness, these seem to be the most common things to me.
I used Tylenol when it got really bad but, that was rare.

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