Silk Soy Milk for a 10 month old???

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Hello! I have been exclusively breastfeeding (plus solid foods during the day) my daughter who is almost 10 months old now and I'm set to go out of town next week for 4 days. I have tried to pump to build up a stash but haven't had much success making enough for a 4 day supply. So, we thought we might try to supplement with soy formula just in the morning and before bed. When I went to read the ingredients though the second ingredient was high fructose corn syrup followed by more sugar. Yuck! I haven't looked much into other formulas but was wondering if you all would know anything about or suggest giving babies under 1 year regular Silk soy milk? This may be more of a pediatrician question but she was the one that recommended the soy formula in the first place. :/Thought I would check and see if you all had any recommendations!

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