simply because he doesn't like me, I am a

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I have a 17 yr old son who refuses to speak with me or see me. He lives with his father in the same town as me. He tells others it is simply because he doesn't like me, I am a "know-it-all", etc.. I have never been so heartbroken in my entire life. I continue to reach out to him, to no avail. I attend his sporting events, all that stuff. I am in a small town where of course I am the only one this has ever happened to. Even searching the Internet for support regarding this situation has turned up nothing. Feeling pretty low.


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I would continue to be there for him, but maybe tone down on reaching out -- let him come to you on his own terms. He's 17 and when people are 17, they often view their parents as oppressors. Give him time, keep communication open, but don't pressure him. Hopefully he'll mature sooner rather than later.

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