since i gave birth to our baby girl, i and my husband dont sleep together. he sleep in another bed in thesame room. my question is he dont ask for sex. was that mean he is having an affair outside?


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Elfrieda - posted on 08/16/2012




He might be trying to give you space and be respectful. Some men get pretty traumatized watching the baby come out. Try cuddling up to him and talking about how you are starting to feel better down there. If this is the first time after the baby was born, you'll probably need to stop early, but just explain it to him, he'll get it. Also, tell him you miss sleeping in the same bed. Maybe he misses you too but the way he's trying to be respectful is being interpreted by you as rejection. Or maybe he's worried about getting you pregnant again. Just have a little talk, you'll both feel better.

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Not necessarily. After I had my first, my bf slept on the couch because the baby was in the room with me and he felt more comfortable sleeping there. Plus right after having a baby sex life tends to go dwindle until the baby is older. Its a big change! You need time to adjust.

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