Single mom and dating.. help!

Skye - posted on 06/02/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have been dating for about 2 months now, and he recently met my 18 month old daughter. Which hasn't been as pleasant as i thought it would be... He tries so hard to get her to interact with him. Constantly trying to play games with her try new things and it's almost like she avoids him. Cries, whines and runs up to me.. so i try and play with them but nope doesnt like the fact that he is there. Which from reading other conversations it seems to be normal. Just very discouraging. I feel like she is jealous, but most of our time together is trying to ensure she is ok.. i try and tell him thats its a faze. Alot of kids go through it.. but i'm even starting to doubt myself. how did you moms make it through it.. especially when it's a new relationship?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/02/2014




Dating someone for 2 months IMO is way WAY to soon to be introducing ANYONE to your child. Especially such a young bub. Don't introduce until you are in a long term relationship. Why? Because if this relationship doesn't work out, and you want to date more men, it will not be stable for your child. If your child gets attached to these men, and they are gone the next day, it can be very hard on them.


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Jenny - posted on 06/02/2014




i agree with sandra, with more interraction with your pal, everything will work. no child opens up to stranger on the first visit but frequently the bond is created.

Sandra - posted on 06/02/2014




It's very hard for little girls to accept a man that's not her father.Please believe me I've been in this same situation when my daughter was 2 and now even though she's 22 yrs old.Just give your daughter her own time and space to get use to your new date and everything will fall in place.I learned never to force any one to do something that they're not willing to do on their own.Your baby girl isn't jealous she just need to see your new date more often in order to get use to him.You guys will be just fine! I hope this helps.

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