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Im a single mom to beautiful 1 yo girl, I am starting to work again part-time but really find it hard to get a babysitter I can trust and being that I am only working 2 nights a week trying to figure out a good pay for babysitter and its overnight. Also my baby has majorrr seperation anxiety so I really don't know how that is gonna work with a baby sitter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks :)


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Overnights are difficult. When my son was born, I often had dinner and evening meetings, plus benefits and other events that lasted well into the night.
Night sitters can be really expensive--most in my area charge between $10 & $18/hour for evening sitting, or $125 for the whole night.
We decided to go with an Au Pair or live in nanny (ultimately we chose the nanny because we wanted a longer term relationship than an au pair could offer--they usually only work with you for one year).
I knew I was heading back to work before J was born, so I had her move in the week before he was due. This gave me time to get to know her on a personal level. I also got to spend the 3 months I took for maternity leave watching her interact with my son. By the time I had to leave him with her, I was very comfortable.

That said, I would NEVER completely trust another person with my child. I used our security system's video feed to check up on her regularly. I also made sure she knew the cameras were filming so that I could use them in court....just in case.

Our nanny turned out to be awesome. She is still a big part of our family even though she no longer lives with us, and I have stopped working.

Since you are only working 2 nights a week, perhaps you could split an au pair or nanny with another mom.

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