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Jessica - posted on 11/09/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Single Mama's..What do you do when you go on a date? How do you discuss with your kids about dating someone new?


Raye - posted on 11/10/2015




It kind of depends on the age of the kids, how long you've been single, and many other factors. I would not tell the kids right away. If they're home when you leave for your date, maybe say you're taking a class or going to a work function or something. You should let the person you're dating know pretty early on that you have kids, so they know what they're getting into. However, you should not introduce them to the kids right away, or at least not as your love interest.

Kids can get attached, and if it doesn't work out you don't want them all upset because they've lost another father figure. Many "experts" say not to introduce your kids and your significant other for 6-12 months to have a good idea on whether you're compatible. Each situation is different, so that time frame may not work for you, but a slow introduction is best. You could go to a park and while the kids are playing, you and he could talk. If the kids ask who that is, just say a friend and leave it at that. No PDA. Then maybe you could "bump into him" (accidentally-on-purpose) while you're at a restaurant and have him join you and the kids for dinner. If the kids seem okay with him after a few meetings, then maybe let them know you're dating and spend more time with everyone together.


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