Single mom fighting for custody without a lawyer

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My daughter is single mom, never married and was in a motorcycle leaving her disabled. She was in CA at this time and we, her grandparents, flew her home to WA to stay with us. The father of the child took possession of her daughter while she was in hospital and would not return her. Her daughter is now back with her after 4 1/2 months only because while at my house (grandmother) she picked her up. My daughter filed a parenting plan and dad now has a lawyer fighting for custody. My daughter has no income to get a lawyer to help. Has anyone been able to fight a custody issue without a lawyer against a lawyer of a father? If so, what can we do to get help?


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Regardless of whether or not they were married, if he is the child's biological father there is no reason that they cannot share custody, and perhaps he knew that, just coming out of an accident, she would have a hard time caring for the child while she recovered. She needs to look in to a mediator, unless you are willing to help with attorney fees.

The best thing for all is to cooperatively work towards a co parenting plan.


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Sarah - posted on 10/21/2016




No one can help you if you lock the thread....She is equally entitled to parent and if dad if coming in with a parenting plan, he must recognize her right to be involved. Why not see what he offers and bargain from there?

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