Single mom having another child by the same guy

Ashlee - posted on 10/12/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a question. I am a single mom and I have a almost 5 year old daughter. I am pregnant again by the same guy. We were together at the beginning of my pregnancy but during the middle, around 12 weeks or so, he started to do his own thing. He basically became irresponsible. Didn't want to help out financially in my house even though he was staying at my place. He wasn't supportive to me when I was going through some things in June. And he basically only wanted to be around during the fun things (ultrasounds, appointments, the birth of the baby). I've tried to talk to him because I seriously think he is basing things off of how things were when I had our first daughter. That was when we were actually together. But I feel like if you're not supporting me during this pregnancy, you have no right to be present during certain things. Am I wrong? I literally feel like I have went through this pregnancy alone. Even when we were together, he chose to go out with his friends every weekend. And when I would ask he would say, he's hanging with his friends. He never answers when I would call, ESP at night, bc I wasn't feeling well, couldn't sleep or in pain, and he only asks me if I need anything on the days he gets his other child. Other than that, I don't really speak to him & lately, I have decided not too. He says I'm being spiteful and trying to keep him away from the new baby (she's not here yet) but as far as his input goes with the picking of the name and even letting him be in the room, I've decided to not let him be a part of it. He says I'm only thinking of myself and honestly I'm thinking of myself and my baby. It's not fair to me. So I just need some suggestions, advice, anything...

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