Single mom, lonely and wondering if dating is ever going to happen!

Melissa - posted on 09/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 18 months old, I been single for 2 years. Had sex twice in this time, with the same man, a very old friend - ex lover of mine. had the sex while my daughter was out of the house and oh it was fantastic!


I find because she is at a strong attachment age, I don't care to leave her with anyone, have to build a relationship with a community baby sitter I trust. I don't trust leaving her with my male friends because I am super paranoid and just refuse to leave her with my male friends- and my female friends are either single mothers like myself, or mothers with their own children and house hold to run so I don't dare ask for a night out - or evening out.

When am I going to ever get the time to date? And in gods name, who? My once some what firm tits have gone to pancakes.... ;-)

My security about my body isn't the way it used to be, I love fitness and cycle about 20 miles a week (currently) and that last 8 pounds will not move off my body! LOL

No all jokes aside ladies, I am 34 years old, believe in marriage, I honestly believe in the fact that one day I can meet the right guy who accepts my daughter as much as he accepts me. She comes first in my life and it wouldn't be any other way for me. Yet, I feel like this lack of social life leaves no chance of meeting any men.

I feel ready for companionship and can actually feel I NEED it, that quality time to feel like a woman -- instead of always MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY! ;0)

Does any other mothers know what I am talking about?

I was hurt badly from her father, we both ended on bad terms but once had a beautiful relationship- therefore I am not a woman who just jumps from one date to the next or attempts at one man to the next. Truth be told I have had 1 date in 2 years. And the date was a quick coffee date on my day off of school!! BORING!

She is so dependent on me, I got to school full time studying law, and raise her on my own, her father is a SUNDAY FATHER -- yippee.

I feel like I am trapped in this web of zero social life and even less a dating life.

I am not desperate yet I am wondering now if this is going to become my whole life -- seriously? Some days it seems as such.


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Michelle - posted on 09/01/2012




nope, things do turn around I started dating again after my son turned 3 before that I just couldn't see trying because I am a firm believer in raising my own child. My son started going to his father for full weekend visits when he was 3 which left me every other weekend to start dating again. I don't do the bar scene so I joined an on line dating site, within about a year and a half I met my SO we have been together now for 6 years have a beautiful little girl and I couldn't be happier.

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