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Dad's not around. I've finally accepted that if these boys (1month, 2, and 3) are going to grow to be gentlemen, it's my responsibility to not look back. After an emotional rollercoaster allowing him in and out of their lives as he pleased, I finally cut ties. I felt guilty because my boys adore him, but after catering to him in EVERY way possible to satisfy my sons, I felt so used and felt he took his kids for granted. So now i'm living my life as a 24/7 mother with no help from their dad ( he never helped anyway). But my point is, how do I have a social life? I know that sounds selfish, but I'm only 22, about to graduate with my bachelors, have one best friend who is married so can't really relate, and feel so lonely. I feel accomplished as a parent, but I feel unaccomplished as a woman. Can i still accomplish my dreams? I dreamt of being a singer when I was a little girl. I know at this point that's a long shot, and I highly doubt i'm the next beyonce, but it's still my passion. I mean, who the hell dreams of being an HR Manager? Of course I'm happy finally graduating and being able to acquire a "real" job, but what happens after that? I'll just be another working bee. How do I make friends? How do I feel this void? Can anyone relate?


Jodi - posted on 03/21/2015




So you have a court order saying dad has no rights? Or you just decided this for yourself - to cut him out of their lives?

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