single mom wanting to terminate fathers rights and change my sons last name

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I'm a single mom, My now three year old son hasn't seen his father in a year, and I want to change his last name to my maiden/current last name. When my son was born i thought his father was going to step up and be a parent, so i gave him his fathers last name but i did not put the fathers name on the birth certificate.
I also would like to get legal sole custody of my son, his 'father' has never paid child support (i have never filed for it either), or kept him over night. As it stands he cannot even pick my son up from school. Every now and again he will rear his ugly head and give me a call threatening to take me to court in order to see my son, but it never goes any further than threats. I want to end this, making it official that he has absolutely no rights without putting my son through a ridiculous custody battle. I'm worried that if i take this to court it may blow up in my fave, a judge may grant his father visitations which would be more than he is doing now. Where do i start? thanks in advance.


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Michelle - posted on 11/10/2013




The Father has to agree to give up his rights as well and by the sounds of it he won't.
Like Lacye said, take him to court and get child support established. Just because he pops in out of your child's life doesn't give you the right to cut him off. It would be best to get it all sorted out now rather than going on like you are.
You can change his name by deed poll though. You would best to get yourself a lawyer and get things organized.

Lacye - posted on 11/10/2013




If you take him to court, your ex will be given a chance to have visitation if he wants it. Why not just take him to court, put him on child support, and let him see his son? It seems like it would be easier than fighting to have his rights terminated (which the courts usually don't do unless there is somebody willing to adopt your son in place of his bio father).

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