single mom with a boy. Help!!

Laura - posted on 10/17/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




So I have a couple of concerns, I have a 8 year old boy.
He has in the past had what seem to be pimples.
Recently his had BO, so I constantly have to put deodorant on him.
Is he too young to be going through puberty?

Also he has started a tic, where he blinks his eyes really fast, at first I thought he was tired so I changed his bed time to an hour earlier. I haven't see it lately as much but from time to time he still does it. This cant be normal, should I be worried?

Finally I have this thing about taking care of his feet, last night I noticed he has a bump where the skin is a little hard, could this be athletes foot? If so what are home remedies I can use on him. I tell him to dry his feet as soon as he gets out of the shower but you know kids.

I feel bad because its so much coming at me all at once. He is growing up but I come from a home where I had to learn things on my own and well I'm a bit over protective on him and panic for any reason. Im a single mom that works too much and I am really trying to keep it all together. Please advice.

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