Single Mother Confused .

Janett - posted on 09/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm single mother I found out I was pregnant when I was six months. I told my baby's father that I was pregnant with his child and he denied him. during my entire pregnancy he wasn't around and once I turned eight months he decided he wanted to be in my son life I believed him and I believed that he changed but I was wrong once I was at the hospital I called him before I gave birth to my son and he didn't want to be apart of my son life. It's been 5 months that my son has been born and his father wants to be apart of his life again. What consequences do I have if I don't let him see his son and what rights does he have in being father after two months that my son has been born. Please Help !


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Kim - posted on 09/06/2013




Shawnn is right, get something put on paper that is legally binding. Work out a parenting plan, and if he decides to bug out again get him to sign a document relinquishing rights. Best of luck.

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If paternity proves out, he's got as much right to the child as you do. Best to get paternity established, get court orders regarding visitation/custody and support, and move forward.

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