Single mother problem

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Bit down latly
My ex just stopped seeing his son cause fel out with his girl and he has two children with that girl and my exs mother hasnt even offered to mind him
My mum moans everytime i ask her so i dont really ask
I just miss my freedom going out with friends to movies or fun park or go out drinking
Or not always be shouting

And my wee boy has just started nursery and ive tried talking to other mums but even they have free times cause they have family to mind they wee one


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Jodi - posted on 09/05/2015




It's really not his mum's job or your mum's job to mind your baby. You made the decision to have the baby, so that's your job.

Neither my parents nor my in-laws have lived anywhere near me in all my 18 years of being a parent. But I'm the parent. So I miss out on all those things. I chose to have my kids. It doesn't matter how old you are, when you have kids, you sometimes have to make sacrifices.

Like Dove said, if you want to go out, hire a sitter. I'm not sure why you would feel the need to need a sitter overnight, unless you are planning on going out and getting drunk, but in that case, maybe you should just learn to have a good time without drinking too much?

I, too, am wondering why you are always shouting.....a child doesn't need to be shouted at all the time.

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Ive been courts and seem like fighting loosing battle one minute he want to see my child next doesnt and do babysitter do over nights like not regular babysitting just now and then

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Dove im only new and it didnt come saying that it posted so didnt know it posted and ino parenting about spending time with child just i do spend everyday with him and im worried about getting a sitter cause wont want someone in my son life then not incase he gets use to the sitter and i would want sitter for night and tbh you sounded a bit cheecky if it that important to me , i think cause im a young mum that i miss it

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