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I am a single mum, and recently started dating, my son is very possesive. How do introduce my 11 year old son to a guy im dating without upsetting him


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Gardensparrow - posted on 10/24/2014




I agree with Raye. It seems like it's usually best to wait in these situations and make sure you're really serious about this man before you involved your son. Especially if he has a hard time with you dating anyways. If you're interested, I found some good info on this in an article at Maybe it will give you some guidance as you're navigating dating as a single mom? Hope it helps!

Raye - posted on 10/23/2014




You really shouldn't introduce your son to people you're dating until after you have a good idea that it's going to work out long term. Your son could get attached to someone, and you break up for whatever reason, and the son is hurt too.

To get him used to seeing you be social with new people, introduce him to work friends or become friends with other parents at the park. Slowly get het him used to seeing you talk to and be with other adults in an environment where he is not threatened - or if he feels threatened by these new experiences, you can talk to him about it and comfort him without it interfering with your relationship.

Then when you know you and your guy are serious, have him come over for dinner or hang out at the park, or something without telling your son that this man is your love interest. See how well they get along. Then after a few times of hanging out, let your son know that this man will be spending more time with you and that you like him as more than a friend. Reassure your son that you still love him the same, and this other man will not change your feelings for him.

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