Single mum, stuck in a rut, want to move on be happy and positive again

Michellemm - posted on 09/20/2014 ( 10 moms have responded )




I would love to hear some advice. I've been a single mum of twin boys since I was 3months pregnant. I moved back to WA because I have family there after living eastern states for 12years, leaving all my friends there. I have had very little family support. My younger sister whom i was there for when i had some money, i used to help her out financially and emotionally only to get told constantly when I got here to get a life of my own because everyone does, she also gets all help with her kids and always has so my other sisters and I have had to accept that. I went through court for 1.5years to get child support which finally went through. The father doesn't see our boys, even though he knows he can I've made it clear to him. I make contact with him every few months I don't know why, I guess in hope it will be different but before anything can happen I get annoyed with him as he's very controlling and verbally abusive puts me down, that's why I can't be with him. I'm not racist at all but he's Greek and very traditional. I went back to him twice when our boys were 6weeks and at 5 months but he was making arguements with me and going out constantly to early hours, telling me to leave to point where I finally did and again went back WA. He wanted us back again but I can't do it anymore, and want my boys brought up not seeing their mother be put down all the time. He acted the same in his previous marriage also, his ex wife told me and he has 2 other kids to her which he see all the time. My problem is I just want be happy again. My mum is constantly helping my sister whose kids are older now, but I've been told I'm stronger that's why it's like that. I asked for help and begged and cried but nothing changed. I just want to accept in my mind that's how it is and move on. I love my beautiful boys sooo much and I know they love me, I miss my friends dearly they are my emotional support which is what I need more than ever. I want to be the best I can for my boys, not edgy and rushing all the time. I'm going back to Eastern states in 6 months but need to get through this time here to save money. Please advise me on how to move on from focusing on people that don't care x


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