Single Parent put 22 yr. old thru college and living at home.

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Ok... Here is my situation. I have a 22 yr. old that just graduated from a 4yr. college that I paid for (out-of-state)! Never needed or wanted for anything while attending college. Just graduated June of this year. I, recently took ill and lost my job. He is working now, not in his field at the moment. Thru the Grace of God I, am able to pay the necessities from my 401K. Is it unfair for me to ask him to pay a small bill or two. We have spoke on this before, when I remind him he gets a loss of memory! Frustrated and I shouldn't ask his ungrateful azz need a wake up call. Please help!

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Once my children are out of school and/or college, as far as I'm concerned, it is no longer my responsibility to provide them with financial support. If you want to live in my home, you will pay for that privilege with an amount of "board". I haven't thought about how much, I'll work that out when the time comes (which isn't too far off), but it will be an amount that I think is fair for his room, food, share of electricity, gas, etc. So no, you shouldn't be having to take care of all the bills yourself, he should be helping out.


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Your son needs to step up. He'd be paying rent, buying groceries, all the rest were he on his own, and now that he's got a degree, it is most definitely not out of line for him to be contributing to expenses in your home.

As a matter of fact, I had one friend tell me just yesterday (when I mentioned my 19 yo is getting his first apartment) that 1) they "boomerang" sometimes LOL, and that 2) the best way to take care of the boomerang is to charge them a little for housing when they move back in!

I paid my mother rent before I moved out of her house, as well.

And may I add...You have a beautiful name!

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