Single Sick Mother who has reached out for all kinds of financial urgent help - need suggestions

Michelle - posted on 10/12/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My name is Michelle and I am a single mother. I am writing because I am currently in a financial struggle and looking for some help.

In 2001, after the birth of my second child, I was diagnosed with a severe kidney disease that required me to go on Cytoxin (chemo pills) and prednisone for a year. This was done in hopes of killing the disease. I was out of work for the year as I could not continue to work my job in the nursing home due to not having an immune system. The drugs did not kill the disease but it did put it in remission.

I lost alot during that period of my life. I lost my home to foreclosure and my car to repossession. I have worked very hard to repair myself since then to better provide for my kids. Last year, I filed bankruptcy (because I could finally afford it) to clear my slate and start over. In March of this year, I began getting sick again and it was found out that my kidney disease was out of remission. I am back on chemo drugs. For most of you, getting sick or injured is painful, but you have the security of paid sick time, short term or long term disability while you heal.The job I currently have does not provide us with those things, so when I have been out due to my illness and doctors appointments and continue to have set backs and have to be out and the continued appointments until my disease goes into remission, I do not get paid. The lack of income has put me in another financial situation.

I have tried all avenues I can think of to get my finances straight but have had no success. Banks and High Interest Loan Installations will not touch me due to my recent bankruptcy.I have sought help from friends, family, churches and even my employer with out any luck. I am writing in hopes that I may get some sort of help.

I am so far behind and have begun to start losing things again. I have already lost my living room furniture and it is only a matter of time before they come and get my kids and my beds. My car payment is 2 months behind and soon I am sure that they will come to get that as well. I have tried to work something out with them but they are unable to assist me. My rent is past due and my October rent is due soon and since I have been in and out of work I will not have enough to pay this as well. My landlord went easy on me for September but wants me current by October. Not to mention my medical bills piling up. When I do get paid, I barely have enough to pay small bills, food and gas. I do no qualify for assistance from social services.

I do not want to ask for a hand out. I am looking for some help that I can pay back but at this point I have not been able to find anyone who can help me with that.

I am at a loss, scared and running out of time.

Thank you for your time and for listening to my story. Any suggestions would be a blessing


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Sarah - posted on 10/12/2014




If you are able to reach out to a local Catholic church, ask if they have a St. Vincent De Paul Society. That is a group that fund raises and then will take requests for assistance. Each request is evaluated by a team of two people, you do not need to be catholic. They will, depending on the situation, pay your rent, car payment utilities etc.
Also, have you applied for emergency food stamps, free breakfast and lunch at school for your kids. Have you applied for social security disability? You say you no do qualify for social services; why not? Is it that you work a little bit? Do you get dialysis? Are you a potential transplant candidate? What about welfare, have you applied? It seems you have such a great need, you should qualify for something. For sure low income housing. Where is the father of your kids? Can you get support? Good Luck, also try the Salvation Army.

Dove - posted on 10/12/2014




Have you applied for Section 8/HUD (housing assistance)? I'm not sure how you don't qualify for any assistance from DHS since they go off of income and assets... so if you have neither of those and you have kids you 'should' qualify for something. Have you applied for SSI? It's a long process even if you do eventually get it, but if you DO get approved you will get back pay from the date you applied.

Sorry... those are the only suggestions I have.

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