single stroller? double? valco? HELP

Elizabeth - posted on 02/28/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My stroller just broke and originally i wanted to buy the bumbleride indie twin when i had my next baby (hopefully in nine months) and then i would have a single and a double stroller. Now I'm not sure if i should just buy a new single and then later buy a double or if i should get a stroller like a valco so i can use it as a single and a double. the only thing i dont like about it is that your baby cant face you and is the toddler seat really that comfotable? what if my older baby wants to sleep? any advice?

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Elizabeth - posted on 03/05/2009




THANKS SO MUCH.  - in the end i ended up going for the valco because i use my stroller everyday and i tried my 10 month old in the toddler seat and he didnt want to get out!  thanks for all your advice

Ewa - posted on 02/28/2009




I've got the Bumbleride Indie Twin and love it!    I've got two kids, ages 27 mo. and 8 mo.  If you want air tires but not necessarily a jogging stroller, it's fantastic!  Turns on a dime and can hold my very tall son!  I don't have enough time to write all the things I love about it, so I'll just say that it's perfect for a double!

Anna - posted on 02/28/2009




I have the Phil and Teds Sport Buggy and I love it! It's a bit pricy, but worth every penny. It's a single stroller that converts to a double! A newborn can live flat while the toddler rides in front, then the older toddler rides in front, younger toddler in back. Best part about it is not only sporty but the double is the size of a single and not big and bulky.

Bridgette - posted on 02/28/2009




I purchased a Baby trend Double sit and stand from Target. It is their new model called Mesa. I like the option of removing the back seat to become the sit and stand stoller. You can also put the infant seat in front or back. I have a 2 1/2 yr old boy that is very big for his age and he fits fine in front or back. As far as reclining seats, the front only reclines a bit, but the back does recline more. My son falls asleep in the seat all the time. Does not recline enough for a newborn. I like this because it will grow with my family and I will not have to buy a new stroller. Hope this helps!

Paulette - posted on 02/28/2009




Hi Elizabeth,  If you're trying to conceive currently I would hold off in getting a stroller, unless you use one a lot. Then I would get one of the inexpensive stollers at a second hand store till you know for sure your expecting, it will save you money too. Then I would investigate all stollers...they have all new features for various needs As far as double strollers I believe the front seat should recline somewhat. Plus you could use a blanket to support the older child for sleeping.

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