Single, teen moms in Edmonton area!

Nicole - posted on 04/18/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hey! My names Nicole and I'm currently 10 and a half weeks pregnant with my first child. I'm 19 years old and from Edmonton,AB. As of now, my babies father wants nothing to do with his son or daughter and will not speak to me as I have chosen to keep the baby and he wants either abortion or adoption. I have support from my friends and family but they don't know exactly how I'm feeling because they haven't gone through this. I'm wondering if there are any other single, teen moms in the Edmonton area who would like to meet up and talk? :)


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Steffany - posted on 07/25/2016




Hey I am also 19 I'll be 20 in August and I just had my daughter I am not single but we are both young moms so if you would like to talk feel free to message me :)

Anita - posted on 05/31/2016




Hi! Im not single had a baby but in a similar situation! Its always good to have support! And to have someone to talk to about things that are bothering us. Would love to meet up!

Ev - posted on 04/18/2016




A word of advice girls:

Jasmine already must know this but I am going to say it here anyway: Raising a baby so young is not easy. As mom of two who are now adults, I can say as their mother being married did not make it any easier. Financially, it is tough to raise a child if you do not have the supports in place, enough funds to get what is needed, and so on. There are resources out there and you have to look for them as they do not come to you such as depending on circumstances you can sign up for Rental assistance, food stamps, WIC-helps get the more nutritional foods you need for kids, churches can help with clothing and some other needs among a few places to get help. Also, you need to think about getting the fathers put on child support once the baby is born so that you can get financial help from him as well. It is money to provide the child's needs. Also set up custody and visitation. That way everyone is protected under court orders and the child is able to have relationships with both parents. The parents also know what their obligations are and if not keeping up with them then it will land them in trouble. Raising kids is a life long effort and you will be attached the the father through the kids. Not that you want that or anything, it is what it is. Be sure you have what you need in the placement of supports from friends and family as you venture down this road. If you have plans for schooling or anything else, it will take longer to achieve with children because you just can not up and go when and where you need to or want to.
Parenthood can be a blessing but having the right resources, tools and support go a long way into making it a success. If you want more kids, please wait a whiie until you have more children until you have gotten on your feet.

Jasmine Elaine - posted on 04/18/2016




I don't live around there but id be happy to talk! i am in the exact same situation

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