Single working mother and student needs advice!

Ashley - posted on 08/13/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, I left my fiancé of 4 years in April. My daughter was 7months old when we started dating and he has a girl of his own. Everything seemed to be going perfectly until I had found myself miserable emotionally. My toddler calls him daddy, his 9 yo calls me mommy. And now we are not together. I work and go to school and get no support from him nor my child's biological father. Which of prefer it that way. When my child was an infant I had more support from my family, but when I started dating my ex he started creating a distance from them and now I hardly speak to any of them. I don't get as much help as I need or as I want. And again I'm okay with that, I had dependency issues and I'm working hard to fix that issue. My issues now are having patience with my toddler who is always asking for daddy, and my ex's daughter always wanting to be with me. Now that school has started I won't be seeing much of either of them because I work weekends and most days. I can't quit my job for something else because my finances would suffer plus I'm being offered a management role with more money. I fell so heartbroken when my daughter wants someone else, not me. My ex takes her when it's convenient for him and his parents have her sometimes too. But I cannot rely on my family hardly ever to step up and help. I'm going into this semester blindly and would appreciate any any advice anyone has with similar experience. I just hired someone to watch my child on the weekends so I can work and can barely afford to have her. :(

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