Singular and kids

Erika - posted on 10/03/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I just today took my 8yr old son to his doctors for a physical along with to talk about a plan for getting a grip on his asthma. We left with 5 different prescriptions, which honestly wasn't sitting well with me. He is 8!!! Singular 5mg is one of them. Something inside me just told myself to stop everything I was doing and to take a look at these scripts and research them. I typed in Singulair first, by god it led me here. I was supposed to fill all of them and have him start them tonight, I only picked up his inhalers, so thankful and counting my blessings that I only got those. The reviews that I read were so very helpful, they just could of possibly saved my son and who he is. I am so very sorry to hear about all of these children going thru this. It's heartbreaking, but I want to thank you bc my son could of became one more of these reviews. So really I just wanted to say thank you, this was so helpful and edicational for me. The prescription that was written for Singulair has already been denied by me and phone calls were also made to my sons doctor about this. Not at any point did the doctor even mention a single thing about any of these side effects! Outrage! You became a doctor to help the sick, but then you want to give my son something to make him sick, make him become someone different, possibly become suicidal? Outrage! Thank you again this was huge!

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