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Caryn - posted on 01/22/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My fourteen-month-old daughter will not drink milk out of anything but a bottle. The nipples on the bottles are starting to leak and I refuse to buy new ones. I think I have bought every kind of sippy cup out there. I have tried nuby’s, nuby sport, Gerber, Tommee Tippee, Playtex and straws. I would appreciate any advice on how to transition her to a sippy cup.


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Belinda - posted on 01/22/2011




My daughter is 15 months old, it took months before I could wean her off a bottle, I tried everything and what finally worked was a cheap sippy cup that we had been given (one of those ones with her name on). The first thing I did was try to relax, I found that every time I got stressed over the situation everything would go downhill and I was creating barriers. I chose a time of day that she was not going to get any bottle - usually a couple of hours between naps. This would include a snack time and lunch time. For the snack I would sit her on my lap and feed her a snack, cheerios or something that would make her thirsty, then offer her a sippy with milk/water - if she held the cup or even had one sip I was ecstatic, I praised her and cuddled her etc. again during lunch I would offer her a drink from a cup. after a few weeks she would take some gulps,. I then chose another couple of hours to keep the bottle away and so on. I found that even if she did not drink much milk in those initial hours she would make up for it in the afternoon so she wasn't dehydrating. After a couple of months she is now almost off the sippy cup and onto regular cups, the only time we use sippys is if we have to go out.

Try something like this or if you have another plan go with it, I went through several plans until I found one that seemed to work, but you have to try it for a couple of weeks at least, consistency counts, and remember that if she holds the cup or takes even a small sip it is a victory.

Keep a journal , or just make a note in your head- every time she takes an extra sip, or even drinks for the first time from a straw, just write down the date and what she did, then when you are going crazy because you think that this is never going to work you can look back and see that a month ago she was refusing everything and now she is actually drinking a couple of ounces.

Good Luck and have patience, it will work out.

Bonnie - posted on 01/22/2011




My boys were both the same at the beginning. Just be persistant with it, don't give in to the bottles and she will get use to it.

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my son is the same. everyone i have spoken to says to just throw out the bottles and eventually they will drink from a cup

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