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Jessica - posted on 03/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I also had another question about my baby and sippy cups he is 9mnths old and I have introduced him to the sippy cup for a month or so now but he doesn't at all seem interested in it..... I take that back he thinks the handles and the bottle and prettey much every single part of the sippy cup is fantastic accept for the actual mouth piece and when he does find it he hasnt at all got the consept of tilting it upwards does anyone know of a way I can encourage him to drink from it????


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Hi Jess, me again... Bruce doesn't like them either. Some kids go right from a bottle to a cup. We bought some clear plastic cups at Target, and I assist Bruce in holding them...but he's really taken to drinking from a cup quickly. Antoher thought is trying different Brands of sippy cups... some of the mom's I know the babies didn't like one but really took to another brand. It's worth a try.

Orangegloves - posted on 03/24/2009




Do you hold it for him to drink from? I didnt give mine the cup to hold to start with, just offered her it to put in her mouth and tipped it up. Once she realised water came out, she started sucking on it. Now I still hold it for her at meals but during the day she can reach for it herself and I'll pass it to her to practise with. She doesnt tip it more than half way yet so I jusy keep it topped up with water, else she'd just suck air!

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