sir actually i was just married on dis 29th june...means only 3 nw the days are going..husband is nt being so excited for sex..he just have sex within a week and he is just 26 year old and still i dnt feel any excitment for me or sex...please give me any adive what should i that enough for a 26 year old boy dat he is having sex once in a weak...starting 1 month we have sex twice a day bt nw the thing got change...nw i feel dat he din't hv any excitment for sex..when i asked he said he is having burden in dat any serious


Jodi - posted on 09/27/2012




It is actually a myth that men are always wanting sex. Some are, some aren't, everyone has a different sex drive. It is quite likely that if he is having some stress at work, he is not feeling like sex as often. Stress, depression, all of those types of feelings can affect the libido. It doesn't mean it is that he is not enjoying sex, just that he doesn't feel up to it at the moment. The best thing you can do is be there fore him, listen if he wants to talk about his stress, maybe offer him a back massage, ask him if there is anything you can do for him, just generally be kind and understanding towards the pressure he is experiencing. If it continues long term, it is something that he may need to discuss with a doctor or counsellor, because it can definitely impact on a marriage, but also understand that every marriage goes through times of little or no sex, and that sometimes, your sex drives just don't match up at certain times. Our desires are affected by how we feel.

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