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this is the story.. 6yrs ago my sis fell into a financial prob and she caleld my husband(her brother) in a crying cut the story short she borrowed $3000(the biggest amount she borrowed) and she any my husband made a secret that to me..and i just found out with my other SIL #2 (w/c at that time also angry with my sis in law #1 bec of her abusive attitude)..but since she was my husband sis..i forgave her...though it took me years to forget the hurts they caused(hiding secrets)..and now after 6yrs ..thats the time she planned to make an intsallment..its only bec i insists to my husband to collect her since she have money for her wants/luxuries and why she even bother to pay us?isnt it?and many other money issues w/c she didnt paid her husband tuition fee(w/c requird for his abroad appliction) and her daugter confinement w/c are that big amount but still they are stillwork earned money from my husband salary(since my huband is the only earning and im the full time wife/mom) and take note she is the one who always borrowed but still they manage to have house maid/nanny for their kids and husband working abroad.compared to me/us who have husband is just working in the city for the whole weeks and come back home on weekends..and im the one taking care of everything child/house..

When we have a baby after 7yrs of waiting she kept on getting in and involved herself in our own occason(its our baby's occasion) keep on packing food for their relatives ..and including the cupcakes w/c are specially made to order from my couzins..she told me that she packed them also and distributed to her relatives and just gave me 3 boxes and the rest went to their family side..Me and my husband quarrel for her sis disgusting..but my husband keep on siding and make her excuses for her doings..and she kept on doing the same thing evrytime we have an occasion..another thing ..the traits of her that i dont like is when the occasion is in our house she would stay in our master bedroom and open all or closets,bags and shoe racks (inspectioning my personal things and she is not ashamed of that..thats why i told my husband not to make any occasion on our house..and since then i locked my closet evertyime she was here..

last yr me and my daughter got dengue and we are confined almost 6 days in the hosp but she and her shadow didint show in the hospital..she made an excuses that she was sick a nd her kids too but later did i know she attend the church activity, my other sis babies baptism but we me and my baby she didnt have a minute to visit us and she told my husband that the hospital is too far..and bec my husband get mad at her for that..she was being obliged to show up in our home justr after 10 days of our confinement..

And now this is the latest,then last yr my younger sis got married and 2 days after the wedding she texted me and want to borrow the blue dress i wore during the wedding(w/c i bought $75 (thats too expensive for me since im just a housewife and i m just buying expensive dress for special my sis wedding)...she like it and she wanted to borrow it (even she has a work and earning money, she was too wise not spend and just wanted to borrowed) and she told me she wanted to wear it in her neighbor bday party ..(she saw me wearing that bec they are invited in my sis wedding)..and bec she wanted me to bring the blue dress to her at the mall but i told her i cant make it and no one will take care of my baby she told me nevermind she will not borrow it anymore and just buy at the mall and she told me she cant go in our house to pick up the dress she wanted to borrow coz she kept on complaining our house is too far (1 hr only) but here,,when we have an occasion birthdays,parties she has the time to attend to lol!

Just 2mos after she wanted to borrow the blue we are again..she texted me to lend her again the blue dress bec she has a seminar and she dont want to buy coz its too expensive..and the funny thing is she texted me that bc we are scheduled to visit my in father in laws living in the same place where she was near also..but since i didnt get her text earlier bec of poor signal i didnt bring the dress she wanted to borrowed..
The next day she kept on liking and praising us our pics in the facebok w/c she didnt do normally..(maybe i tought bec she was borrowing from me...and then she texted me again that she wanted to go in our house to pick up the dress she is borrowing so that she can select more and borrowed more dreses also for her daughter school party..and i just ask her what particular dress she would like to borrow and i will just bring it tot he mall (coz im afraid she would get everything i have) and later texted me again to bring extra 1 dress for her seminar..i told my hsband that i dont lend my clothes bec i didnt want to wear again clothes thats being used by others unless they are my true blooded sisters..(my SIL has over sweating problem also)..but my husband is very kind enough not to confront her own sister for that kind of borrowing attitude..upon receiving the dress she texted me that her daughter like the blue dress and she she is the only one wear theother 2 that i brought w/c ive decided to give in the 3 dress (1blue dresss and 1 extra for her seminar and 1 for her daughter school party ) coz i cant take it anymore to wear that again..bec im worried i might get her sweating prob in the underarms....take note she texted me that they check the tag price of my dress in the mall where i bought it ..for what????

Yesterday, as i was browsing the facebook i saw all the pix she uploaded wearing the blue dres and contrary to her statement a week ago that her daughter will be the one wearing it..take note not in the seminar but in the school activity only..and the 2 dress w/c i lend/give them she just wore it again not in the seminar but in her days to day office..duh! my expensives dresses (expensive for me since im just a plain only giving her that bec she told me that she dont want to buy new clothes for that seminar only..and now she showed up in the pi that she didnt wear it in the seminar) just wearing it in the office..take note again..she bought new dress for daughter..w/c she told me she dont want to buy..and in the end the 3 dresses ended to her only come she didnt gave back to me if her daughter will not wear it isnt it?...Pls enlighten me mother and sis told me not to lend her again..she s liar..


Liz - posted on 03/20/2013




I'm not sure that this needs a huge overblown drama. Just don't lend anything to her again and move on.

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