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Tiffany - posted on 02/12/2011 ( 20 moms have responded )




My son was born on June 21, 2010. He wears a 6-9 months right now. I was wondering if anyone remembers what size their baby wore when they were 12 months. My oldest daughter wore a 12 months when she was one but, her birthday is in August so in the fall she started wearing an 18 months. He is about the same size she was at this age. Didn't know if I should get 12 or 18 months to last all summer. Just as a helper my oldest was 20lbs & 31 1/2inches @ 1 year.


Vickie - posted on 02/12/2011




you cannot compare one child with another even if they are related. Especially boys and girls. those differences are even greater. The size you buy will be what fits your child. Be sure to take him with you when you shop. All of my eight children also wore anything from a 9mos. to a 2T @ one yr. However i was fortunate enough to share kids clothes with my sister. So I did not have to buy a whole lot. We just passed it back and forth for several yrs. The only thing I would not hand down is shoes. Always bought those new because shoes wear differently. We only get one pair of feet and we have to take good care of them. Maybe you could find some one to share play clothes with, Then you only have to buy clothing for a special occasion. Which will perfectly for that date.

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At 12 months most of my son's clothes were 18 months, 24 months and the occasional 2T. I don't think ANY of the clothing manufacturers get together and create a standard for what a 12 month old's actual SIZE is...because they can't...babies aren't all the same size. I really think baby clothes should be categorized by the baby's WEIGHT instead of their AGE. I couldn't ever just pick up an outfit for a 12 month old and be assured it is going to fit..just because he is 12 months.

I always had to take the clothes off the hangers and hold it up to the baby. Is it wider than his shoulders? Are these legs a little longer than him?

I always bought his clothes a little big...because I wanted him to wear them more than once without growing out of them. I suggest getting the clothes a little big. The washing machine is going to shrink them a little...and the baby IS growing daily.

Medic - posted on 02/12/2011




Well my now four year old boy was in 18-24 months at a year and my daughter just turned one January 25th and is on the 24 month side of things and she was the smaller of the two by a few pounds when born so you can't really compare that.


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Sherri - posted on 02/14/2011




At 12mo's all three of mine wore 24mo's. However, the girls I watch were in only 6-9mo's at a year and are in 24mo's at two. So every child is really different.

Hollyanne - posted on 02/14/2011




All children are different. My son is not a year yet. He is 8.5 months and is already in 12 month clothes. He was born at 34 weeks on May 23rd, 2010. He is quite tall for being 8.5 months. He will be one in May so we are currently buying 18 month and 24 month for him to grow in. However recently he has been growing so fast we will just buy a little bit at a time. So he doesn't out grow them to fast.

Blackwood - posted on 02/12/2011




go 18 months, if they are alittle big they can still be worn, but if there too small then they just can't be.

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Tiffany I wish I could help. My b/g twins were in 18 month clothes @ 12 months. They are 14 months now and begining to out grow their 18mos clothes. I think they will be in 24mos/2T by the summer for sure. The clothing manufacturers vary so much it's hard to tell what size would work best unless you try them on the child.

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When my son was a year old he was in 12 mos size, 9mos he was in 9mos size. My daughter is just shy of 11mos and is in 12mos single pieces but just going into 18mos for sleepers and pant rompers. My nephews were wearing 2T at their 1st birthday, but they were also 35lbs.

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I think my DD was still wearing 6-9 month clothes at 12 months. But then, she's 8 now and is sitting on the couch reading, wearing a pair of size 6 pyjamas. I think it took her until she was 2 to get to 20 lb.

I gave up shopping by size quite early, and shopped by weight or height instead (I say "or" because for DD, the weight and the height have never matched up).

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My son is 11 months right now and he can wear 12 months, but also has some 18 months. I'll be getting him 18 month for summer.

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My son will be 1 yr in 2 weeks. He's a big boy. About 24 pounds now, so he has wore 18 months all winter long. Now his shirts are starting to get tight, so glad the seasons are changing. Will get him 24ths to wear for the summer. Always go bigger, clothes shrink anyways, but babies grow so fast.

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My best guess is that your son will be ready for 9-12 month clothes by the summer time. All babies are different so you can't really compare what other moms' babies wore...or even what your other babies wore. If you want the clothes to last longer, go with the bigger size. They may be loose on him. My problem with getting a bigger size though, was bottoms would fall off my skinny daughter. There is no compromise for pants/shorts/skirt sizes for her because of that. But shirts and dresses she can easily get away with a size too big or too small.

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My girls (twins) were probably 9-12 months sizes (they are 9, so I can't remember). My son was in 12-18 month stuff.

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My son pretty much followed the sizes corresponding with his age. He's really tall for his age now. I think generally under a year most kids will fall into their age size especially since you said your daughter was the same size.
Whenever I'm unsure i always go with a size larger than I think because they grow into them so fast. Better to grow into it than out of it too quickly :)

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I'm no help at this... My son grew fast!! He was 28 pounds & 32 inches at 12 months. He wore 3t clothing!! What I always did since I didn't know how he'd grow was got a little of the size I thought he'd be in, and a few in the next size up just in case.

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Every child is different really. When my older son was a year, he was still wearing 9 month sized clothing as he was tiny. Very few of his clothes at that time were for 12 months. My second son is bigger. He was also a bigger baby at birth. When he was 12 months he wore most 18 month sized clothes.

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My daughter is just about a year old and currently wears 18 to 24 months. She needs it for the waste but not for the length. Every kid is different and you really can't go by the age like Ink said it should be by weight, I know some retailers do age and weight and height.

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I don't know if this helps, but my son, who was 31" and 25 pounds at one year, had been wearing 18 month tops/onesies for quite some time. He still only wore 12 month pants (yes, he has a long torso like his father). He is now 16 months old, and still wearing the same sizes, but I think soon we are going to need the next biggest shirt. :) I don't know if that helps, but I hope so!

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