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My Lo is 7 weeks & she always has an extremely hard time falling asleep. The only time she nods off is if she goes for a car ride or I'm holding/rocking her WITH her binky...lord have mercy if she doesn't have the binky. And even so she doesn't sleep for more than 30 mins. She does this thing where she twitches and wakes her self up its like her body won't let her relax. Is that what it is or does she have separation anxiety? I always try to put her in her crib for naps but it's so hard to set her in there without waking her. And I've tried placing her in there just before she's about to nod so she can fall asleep on her own... But forget that. I don't believe in CIO as I studied psychology. Do I just keep as I'm going and eventually it will all start to fall into place? Help please!


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Ladies, you would not believe the lengths I went thru with my youngest (who is now 16, so yes, it does pass)!

He did not like to be held, rocked, sung to, NOTHING that worked for my eldest worked for him. I would have to put him in the car and do the mile block at least twice (so between 8-10 miles a night), or lay him on the sofa and gently wiggle just his foot, or put him in his seat and set the washer to name it, I did it. My husband thought I was crazy until he had to put the boy to bed one night.

He grew out of it...I'm thinking within the first year. He used to twitch and wake himself as well, but if he'd been asleep for a bit, he'd usually fall back to sleep easily, without me touching him. Usually a pat or two on the back at that point...

My point is, yes, it does get better, even if you have to get creative right now. The important thing is that they can sense your stress levels, and the more it gets to you, the harder it is to get them to settle. Hopefully someone who's a little closer to that age (like I said, my troubled sleeper is now 16) will have some more helpful hints, but I did want to let you know that YOU CAN SURVIVE! Even if it looks somewhat hopeless right now, one day there will come that night were they are a joy to put to bed, and you'll forget all of the stress that you've been thru to that point!

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I have the same problem with my 5 month old son. He can fall asleep while I'm holding him but once I try to put him down he wakes up. I don't know what to do anymore. I warm up his crib sheets. I put some blankets under his crib sheets to make it softer thinking that he likes my bed because it has more cushion. I bought him new crib sheets that are chenille thinking he would love laying on them because they are soft. Nope! He sleeps on me for naps and then every night I try to put him down but finally give up exhausted and he sleeps in my bed with me and hubby.

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