sleep apena?

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anyone elses child have sleep apena?

my daughter is being reffered to hospital to see if she has sleep apena, how do they test for it, and how is it treated, did ur kids sleep better after or not?

my daughter is 22months.


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Monique - posted on 03/22/2011




My son has sleep apena and has the CPAP. He sleeps good its getting your child use to wearing it, that's what difficult about it.

Emma - posted on 02/19/2010




My daughter who is three just had a sleep study done a little over a week ago and they place electrodes on the child mainly on the head and a couple on the body to measure different things while they are sleeping, after the child goes to sleep then they put a few things on the childs face. It really did not bother my daughter too much. We had to have this done to see if she shows signs of sleep apnea so that we may get her tonsils out as she has had enlarged tonsils with and without strep throat since October and has not been sleeping well. We are still awaiting our test results to proceed but the doctor that is ordering the test should be able to answer your questions as well.

[deleted account]

hi, thanx for that i have read up about it but i wanted to hear from mums that had actually been through it with their children, how did their chidren cope with it stuff like that.
was it hard on the parent watching their children go through it.

Gwendolyn - posted on 02/18/2010




One way they test for sleep apnea is by measuring your breathing patterns while sleeping= a sleep study. In the severest cases patients will stop breathing several times an hour – for short periods. I do not know exactly what is done for 22 months olds. They may be ruling it out to ensure there are not other things going on that require more invasive procedures or aggressive treatment. Some patients get a machine called a CPAP – continuous positive air pressure. It works well once you get used to sleeping with the machine. Getting better quality sleep helps with focus, memory, general energy and in some cases vision because the eyes are not so fatigued. I respectfully suggest you call the hospital or sleep center and ask the questions that you have. They should tell you what tests will be done and what potential treatment options are typically considered for a child that age. They can also offer you current educational links or pamphlets so you can read up on sleep apnea.

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