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Erin - posted on 01/20/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have heard of so many reading different books to help "teach" their babies to sleep better. I, of course, didn't ever write them down because I always thought that MY baby would sleep just fine! Ha! He used to, but has started waking many times during the night and he's 5 months old. So, any suggestions on picking up a good "sleeping book"? He is not waking up irritated, so I'm pretty sure it's not teething that's waking him. He just wants to be awake for the day at 3:30 am! He thinks it's playtime!


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The Sleepeasy Solution book is very good and deals with other issues bubs can come across like solids, teething, etc. The New Contented Little Baby Book is good but has very strict routines. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer is a great book also and much gentler in regards to solving issues, etc.

I do agree though that if he was sleeping fine beforehand then it might just be a teething faze, possibly a growth spurt or maybe your little one is reaching a milestone (eg. rolling, crawling, etc) as these all upset their sleep patterns but it usually only lasts a few days and then they go back to their normal ways.

My bub used to sleep beautifully - 3 x 1.5hr naps and 10hr overnight, now i'm lucky to get 3 x 45min naps as he is teething and certain foods are not agreeing with his little belly! Check ebay as they usually have books but they are cheaper which is great!


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Fabienne - posted on 01/21/2010




A book that really helped me understand baby's sleep patterns was "the no-cry sleep solution" by Elizabeth Pantley. But if you have a really really stubborn/strong willed child, you may need to try a more firmer method....

Amanda - posted on 01/20/2010




On Becoming Baby Wise is a fabulous book. It teaches you to get your baby onto a regular wake, feed, play schedule so they know when it's absolutely time to sleep! It worked wonders for us.

Lisa - posted on 01/20/2010




he might b teething if he was sleeping fine b4 so a book wouldnt help n iv never herd of a sleeping book to b honest what they about?

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